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Rebecca's Longarm Quilting

Cell: 248-396-1748

About Becky

My name is Becky Sekulovski, and my company is Rebecca's Longarm Quilting. I formed this company when Sophia (my Gamiil) came to live with me seventeen years ago. 

I have been sewing apparel for myself and my family for over 30 years. I have made everything imaginable, from crinoline petticoats to ties for my dad to American Girl doll clothes to Halloween costumes. I've always done all my window treatments and even tackled upholstery. 

I have two daughters who have outgrown Mom's custom clothes and have opted for store-bought, so...

About 20 years ago, I bought Alex Anderson's book Learn to Quilt and immediately got hooked. I taught my family and friends and we've been quilting and enjoying fabrics ever since. 

Longarming is genuinely a wonderful profession for me. I have quilted some pretty beautiful quilts and met some truly wonderful people.

My quilts are displayed at 2nd Street Quilt Shop in Downtown Rochester. 2nd Street Quilt Shop is also where I offer very convenient drop-off and pick-up!

Preparing Your Quilt Top

*  Your top should be pressed with all

     seams flat


*  Quilt top, batting, and quilt back

     should be in 3 separate pieces


*  Clip all threads on quilt top


*  All seams should be secure

    (especially outer seams)

*  All seams should be secure

    (especially outer seams)


*  Any seams in the quilt back should be

    pressed open and backing pressed


*  Mark top of quilt and top of quilt back

    with a safety pin


*  Batting and backing should be 4" bigger

    all the way around

I can NOT guarantee "No fold over" on Incorrectly Pieced Backs


Quilters Dream Batting is high quality and my favorite. I have the following battings on the roll and

sell them by the inch.


100% Cotton

Request Weight 

Select Weight 


100% Polyester

Request Weight 

Select Weight

Dream Puff 



Dream Wool 



Quilters Dream offers many other types of batting for special order. Ask to see my other samples at

2nd Street Quilt Shop.

Becky's Tips


Wavy Borders?

We've all experienced them.


Reason #1

Incorrectly attaching them. Measure the sides of your quilt, and cut borders to this measurement. Pin and stitch. Measure top and bottom of quilt, cut border to this measurement. Pin and stitch.


Reason #2

Never handle your quilt by the borders. The weight of the quilt is enough to stretch the borders. Most times stretched borders can be quilted out, but if it is excessive, I will take darts that can be hand stitched down.



Thread Shadows?

Make sure to pick stray threads on the back of the quilt top. This is expecially important if you are using light fabrics along with dark fabrics. the dark threads may show through the light fabrics on the front.



Quilt Backs:

When stitching a back for your quilt, a 1 inch seam allowance is recommended. Press seam open and remove selvages. Any selvage not included in a seam should not be removed.

You've finished piecing your quilt top...

Rebecca's Longarm Quilting offers a variety of services and options to quilters.


Your quilt will be professionally finished to your specifications on a Gammill Classic Statler Stitcher Longarm Quilting machine.

Rebecca's has hundreds of beautiful pantograph/edge to edge patterns to choose from. Also offering custom finishing for your quilt.


Pantograph:Starting at .0225 cents per square inch

Custom: Starting at .03 cents per square inch



Complete machine binding service available at a reasonable price.

Happy Quilting!

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